What We Look For

We seek entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe who have a vision that extends beyond our regional borders to create global companies. There’s not a set criteria of what we look for, however, typically we’re more attracted to companies that have high-growth potential and international ambitions. Furthermore, most of our investments have been made due to good chemistry between our team and the start-up. Equally important for us as well is the team’s chemistry. We primarily invest in early-stage companies that have some connection to the Central and Eastern European region.

View our portfolio to get an idea of the companies we’ve invested in. Please view also the below sections to find out more on how to send a business plan to us and which areas we invest in. We’re keen to learn about your business and consider it for funding. We review each proposal.

If you’re interested in receiving funding from our firm the best way to get our attention is by sending us your business plan. Each plan will be read by one of our team members. If there’s interest the investment process will take at least two months from initial contact, but ideally three to four months. Please note that for several reasons, we don´t sign NDAs. However, you can be sure that your business plan is confidential with us.

You could send us your business plan via email to info@credoventures.com or mail to:

Credo Ventures a.s.
Charles Square Center
Karlovo náměstí 10
120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic

What We Offer

We are minority investors and our typical investment size is between €250k and €2m. However, we would consider extraordinary opportunities that are focused on different markets and/or required an investment outside of the aforementioned range.

We invest in early-stage companies with Central and Eastern European connections in the following areas:

Information Technology
(e.g. SaaS, enterprise, information management, business intelligence, security, artificial intelligence, near field communication)

(e.g. media, commerce, social networking, entertainment)

(e.g. advertising, applications, location-based services, enabling technology)

(e.g. diagnostics, food supplements, healthcare IT, medical devices, drugs)

In addition to capital, we can provide advice on business development and financial forecasting. We’ll also connect you with top quality professional service providers (e.g. accountants, recruiters) and potential strategic partners. You can also expect our close cooperation and full support in your expansion globally, through our network and access to Silicon Valley.

Investment Process

Each venture capital investment is specific however you can expect us to follow below outlined process and indicative timeline.

Look at me (2 weeks)
Every investment proposal received will be looked at. Requests accepted / rejected according to basic criteria. Entrepreneurs receive notification.

Quick Diagnose (2-4 weeks)
Proposals will determine if it makes sense to go further. Successful ones will be offered a meeting.

Screening (1-4 months)
At a meeting entrepreneurs get full feedback, questions and tips. Detailed business plan is prepared or revised.

Term Sheet (3-4 weeks)
Business plan is presented during an internal meeting. If approved, a term sheet is negotiated between Credo Ventures and entrepreneurs. It’s then presented to Credo Venture’s Investment Committee.

Due Diligence (1-2 months)
After term sheet signing, due diligence is started. Legal and financial due diligence reports must be approved by Investment Committee. Transaction documentation is prepared.

Approval (1 week)
If approved by the Investment Committee, investment documentation is signed and cooperation is established.